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Employer's Guide for Optometrists

employeehandbookWritten specifically to aid the owners of optometry offices with the complexities of dealing with employees and employment law, Dr. Steinberg's Employer's Guide for Optometrists is the only manual of its kind designed specifically for optometrists. The Employer's Guide explains, in simple terms, the often complicated rules applicable to being an employer, and includes an extensive library of sample documents, contracts, forms, and procedure manuals, including a model emplooyee handbook and employment contracts..


The Employer's Guide for Optometrists is the answer to the lack of information available to the practicing optometrist about being an employer. Written as a practical, "how to" and "how not to" guide, the Employer's Guide for Optometrists contains all the forms, checklists and practical advise you need to avoid, or at least minimize, your risk of being sued when you:

  • interview new applicants
  • hire new employees
  • terminate employees
  • give references for past employees
  • challenge unemployment claims
  • comply with state (Calif.) and Federal laws


The Employer's Guide for Optometrists includes a comprehensive Model Employee Handbook, ready to use with only minimal modification for your office. Complete instructions on the meaning of each handbook section is provided, along with the complete handbook ready for you to modify, print, and use.


Most of the documents provided with the Employer's Guide are provided in both PDF and Word formats, and are ready to use with little or no modification. The heart of the Employer's Guide is a model Employee Handbook, which can be modified for use in virtually any optometry office. Information about the Employer's Guide, and how to order it, can be found on the Employer's Guide menu on the left of this screen.