Employer's Guide for Optometrists


Wrongful termination...
Sexual harassment...
Unemployment insurance...


A few of the most feared words an employer can hear.

Do you know what they mean?

Do you want to know how to limit your exposure to a lawsuit?

Written by an optometrist/attorney specifically for optometrists, the "Employer's Guide for Optometrists" answers these questions and far more. After practicing optometry for twenty-eight years, the past twenty in my own office, few things became more clear to me than that I knew nothing about being an employer. The truth is, we are all far more likely to be sued, and lose, as an employer for wrongful termination than we are as an optometrist for malpractice. Why? That's simple. Few, if any, optometrists know a thing about employment law. You certainly don't learn it in optometry school! How important is it that you understand the rules of employment? In 1994 the average California judgment in an employment case was over $875,000! If that's not enough to catch your attention, I don't know what is.

The Employer's Guide for Optometrists is my answer to the lack of information and assistance available to the practicing optometrist about being an employer. Written as a practical, "how to" and "how not to" guide, the Employer's Guide for Optometrists contains all the forms, checklists and practical advise you need to avoid, or at least minimize, your risk of being sued when you:

  • interview new applicants
  • hire new employees
  • terminate employees
  • give references for past employees
  • challenge unemployment claims
  • comply with state (Calif.) and Federal laws

The Employer's Guide for Optometrists includes a comprehensive Model Employee Handbook, ready to use with only minimal modification for your office. Complete instructions on the meaning of each handbook section is provided, along with the complete handbook ready for you to modify, print, and use.

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Here's some of what you'll find in the current
edition of the Employer's Guide for Optometrists


  • Sample Forms

Among the many sample forms including with the Guide, the Employer's Guide for Optometrists also includes ready to use employment contracts, for both professional and non-professional employees, a complete OSHA approved safety guide, advice for minimizing unemployment claims, and a comprehensive policy statement on Sexual Harassment.


  • See For Yourself What the Employer's Guide Has to Offer...

-- Please, take a moment to read the Introduction to the Guide.

-- Would you like to see the Table of Contents (the Guide and the Handbook)?

-- Would you like to see a sample Termination Checklist?

-- Do you want to see a sample from the Handbook Sample?

-- And here is a portion out of the Employee Contract Sample for doctors.


  • Company Benefits

Here is a portion of the Company Benefits section from the Model Employee Handbook, Annotated. You have permission to modify and use this for your office, whether you purchase the complete guide or not. But note that it is not the complete description of Benefits.


  • Sexual Harassment Policy Statement

Sexual Harassment is one of the "hot" areas of employment law. It is, perhaps, the most common basis for employment lawsuits. But you CAN protect yourself. Start by implementing a Sexual Harassment Policy. Taken directly from the Employer's Guide (model employee handbook), the link above will take you to one such harassment policy, which you may use as you wish.


  • What Does the Employer's Guide for Optometrists Cost?

At $298, the Employer's Guide for Optometrists actually costs less than it would cost you to have a lawyer draft even one of the forms it contains. If you are ready to order your copy of the Guide you need only select the "Buy Now" button below to order your copy of the Employer's Guide. You'll receive instructions on how to use the complete Employer's Guide and all of the forms, including the Model Employee Handbook and sample contracts in fillable PDF and Microsoft Word formats, easily enabling you to modify and customize the handbook and forms for use in your office. You'll be up and using the Guide in a matter of minutes.


  • Ordering the Employer's Guide...

Ordering your copy of the Employer's Guide for Optometrists couldn't be easier. Just select the "Buy Now" button below. You can purchase the Employer's Guidem for $298, the HIPAA Manual for $298, or purchase both together for $498 and save $100.

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