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PayPal Logo

Pay Your Legal Bill



Payment via LawPay:

Click on the image below to pay your invoice and avoid paying the 2.9% credit card fee:



Payment via PayPal:

After you select "Buy Now" below you'll be transferred to PayPal.
Enter the amount you are paying as the "Price per Item," then press "Continue."

On the right side of the PayPal screen select to pay using either your PayPal Account or using a credit card.

(a) To pay using your PayPal account, log in and pay via PayPal.

(b) To pay using your Credit Card choose "Pay with Debit or Credit Card." You will be prompted to enter your credit card billing information. All major credit cards are accepted.

To make your payment, click the "Buy Now" button. 


* Note: Per the terms of your retainer agreement, 2.9% will be added to your payment (listed as "tax") to cover the credit card charges.