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Private Equity Transactions

Having represented numerous optometrists in Private Equity sales, Dr. Steinberg has unique experience and expertise in at his disposal for assisting doctors selling, or considering selling, their practices to a Private Equity buyer.


Make no mistake about it -- selling to Private Equity is NOT the same as selling your practice to another optometrist. From start to finish, you'll find that "things happen" that you don't expect. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, you name it, everything is handled differently. Private Equity transactions are structured in entirely different ways, and are far more complex, than an ordinary OD to OD sale. This is not one you can do alone. You'll need an attorney with real experience in these complex, but potentially very rewarding, transactions. Dr. Steinberg has assisted doctors in transactions with many of the leading Private Equity buyers, including Total Vision, Acuity, Keplr, and MyEyeDoctor. If you are thinking about Private Equity you are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Steinberg to learn about the process, what you can expect, and obtain the benfits of his experience.


If you are even starting to consider a Private Equity sale you're encouarged to reach out today. There is a considerable amount of early planning that can allow you to maximize your value later and help ensure a smooth and profitable transaction.