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Optometry's First Concierge Business and Legal Consulting


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After more than 20 years defending optometry and optometrists, there is, perhaps, no person in the United States that knows more about optometric law, or has more real-world hand-on experience assisting and defending optometrists, both inside and outside of the courtroom, than Craig Steinberg, O.D., J.D.


With that in mind, Dr. Steinberg is changing how he practices and -- importantly -- who he will represent.


In a program never before offered in optometry, Dr. Steinberg will soon begin accepting up to 300 optometrists – and only 300 – as his Concierge Clients. Only Concierge Clients will have guaranteed access to Dr. Steinberg's business and legal consulting services, or his legal representation. Dr. Steinberg will provide his Concierge Clients with low cost pre-paid consulting and personalized services for wide a variety of business and legal matters, VSP compliance reviews designed to help prevent you from being audited or suffering a bad outcome if you are audited, and even a full VSP Audit legal defense if you are audited by VSP. California optometrists can add State Board compliance consulting and full legal defense of State Board of Optometry inquiries, citations and accusations.


For detailed information or to sign up to be a Concierge Client, please visit the MyOptometryLawyer preview website at www.MyOptometryLawyer.com.